Analysis Paralysis (Pull The Trigger)

The tendency is often to over complicate the task at hand.  Many entrepreneurs miss their window of opportunity for their project, because analysis paralysis sets in and they can’t push pass fear of the unknown or known in many cases.   I have had the opportunity to work with clients of all demographics and educational backgrounds over the years.  It often amazes me that those with formal business education are often out performed by those without.

I have concluded that those with less formal business training are more apt to throw caution to the wind and push their dreams to fruition.  No or you shouldn’t be able to do that is not an option.  The formally educated entrepreneur often finds himself bogged down with fear of  the numbers, the competition, the climate change, the crop forecast, the you shouldn’t be able to do that (Anything that can talk them out of execution).

Although research and analysis is pivotal to the success of a business, the ability of some to snatch opportunity by the horns at the right time with the information available is invaluable.  This ability is often the difference between a successful venture or a shelved idea that time and money was wasted on.

Pull the Trigger.

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