Your FB Friends Are Not Going To Buy Your Product!!!


Your 5,000 fb fiends are not going to buy your product period!!! Maybe 15% at the most will do so. If you utilize social media to market, sell or push content, restructure and rethink your fb list. Stop adding fb friends and start to add fb strategic partners and fb consumers that fit your market. Fb strategic partners are those individuals that can be beneficial to helping you push your content. Those individuals with blogs, vlogs, podcast, fb followers or an audience that supports any content driven by them. Fb strategic partners benefit from your content, while you benefit from their market and getting the word out about you. Face it, your fb friends are there to either keep up with what you are doing or to report what you are doing to a third party. Vary seldom are they there to digest deep content or support all things you do. Secondly, add fb consumers. Find those individuals who are looking for you. Your niche has a target audience of individuals that can’t get enough of what you are offering. If you look at the 5,000 individuals you accumulated over the years, less than 10% probably fit this dynamic. Its time to cut the fat. If your fb friends are not here to consume and regurgitate, in the form of a share or purchase of what you push day in and day out, they are just taking up space. If they love you they will contact you. If social media is the only way you converse with your “friends” they are not your……

Its been fun connecting with individuals in the past. You have seen who wants to see you. You have seen their families, you have fb stalked that ex. Its time to move on and get serious about you and your content, product, passion, business. Time to connect with those individuals who are waiting to support you!

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