What Now? What Next?

Are you unable to open your business because of county, city, state or nationwide mandates. Clients reluctant to commit to purchases or future orders? What do you do next? In times like this, the main thing to do is stay visible and active on social media and in the community. Continue to push your brand through any avenue you can. True consumers and potential customers want to see the humanity of individuals and businesses. Consumers also just want to know you are still alive and kicking. Give updates about your company, plans that are in the works, the ups and downs and any other marketing your company did prior to the down turn.

What next? Be flexible and understand that change is inevitable. No company could foresee the havoc that Covid 19 has caused, but it is your duty as commander and chief of your company, to take the necessary steps to steer your company in the right direction. Also, make sure to stay abreast of any grants, aid or loans available. Stay strong and diligent!!!

Available Resources: Brought to you by National Contact Management Association

Small Business Resources

Emergency Response Procurements

  • FAA is in need of Small Businesses that can provide medical supplies and services. Please send capabilities statements for these products to Chasity Ash, Lead Small Business Technical Analyst Office of Small Business Utilization/GSA – Southeast Sunbelt Region @ chasity.ash@gsa.gov.
  • Department of Homeland Security-Send capabilities statements to DHSIndustryLiaison@hq.gov if you sell hand sanitizer, N95 masks, rubbing alcohol/wipes, cleaning supplies/bleach, no contact thermometers, and other supplies currently known to be in short supply.

Staying Healthy and Sane


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